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Dhiren Joshi

Entrepreneur & Managing Partner
Caversham Partners

Caversham Partners is a UK-based group formed to acquire, nurture and grow, one, already-excellent business, based in England. Our aim is to help founders find the right exit strategy, without fuss or drama.

We believe great businesses create value for many different stakeholders: from operators and owners to employees and suppliers, and even the communities in which they are based. Our aim is to continue to add value in this way, to invest in the business, and to take care of the team, suppliers, and customers.

We are the ideal buyers, if you are a business owner considering a transition, retirement, or an exit while seeking continuity for the brand that you have built up.

If you are thinking about selling your business, we are eager to connect.

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We aim to buy a business like this:

  • Location: England
  • Size: EBITDA between £500k – £5m
  • Growth: 5yr Sales CAGR > 5%
  • Profitability: EBITDA margins are stable, and over 15%
  • Returns: At least 10% returns on equity, utilising little or no debt
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Having built a great business, many leaders struggle with the question of their legacy.  What will become of your life’s work?  Do you sell to the highest bidder and walk away?  Or is it about much (much) more than that?

You have your own reasons for selling: to retire, to exit, to grow.  But what many owners share is a feeling that they have cared-for, and helped their business grow, in a way not dissimilar to their own children.

We will build on the foundations you have built.  Our deep bench of expertise means we will make the process as smooth as possible: we’re straight-talkers, we act fast and we’ll find a solution that works for us both.

Achieve the result you want with Caversham Partners

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What’s the next step?

Let’s have a brief chat and get to know each other. Just let us know a little about your business, share a link to your website and we’ll arrange a call.

We’ll explain our vision and answer your questions. We’d like to hear about your history and hopefully our combined future. We can chat through the headlines and the finer details without any obligation on either side. If you need an NDA that’s no problem – just let us know beforehand.

Even if you’re not ready to sell yet, it might still be worth us starting a conversation.

Are you in?

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Our aim is to help founders find the right exit strategy, without fuss or drama.

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